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Q:  What's in it?

A:  Its not a wax, UltraLuster Waterless Polish uses acrylic polymer technology to clean, seal, polish and protect.

     It provides rock hard protection on all paint, glass and chrome. It beads water like no other product and lasts for months.


Q:  What can it be used on?

A:  Cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, airplanes. Its the perfect glass cleaner around the home.


Q: I'd like a little more information on your products.




UltraLuster Wash and Polish is a 1 step waterless wash and polish designed for use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs and aircraft. It is a water-based, organic product that is ready-to-use. It is sprayed on the surface using an applicator called an atomizer, the dirt and grime is wiped away using a terry cloth towel and buffed, using a microfiber towel.

You already know the steps in traditional water washing and waxing as well as the time involved and restrictions.

Now, imagine being able to clean, polish and protect a vehicle, wet or dry, sun or shade in under 1 hour, including the glass, in and out, chrome and all. You’ll produce a better detail that lasts as long as carnauba in less than half the time leaving behind no mess what-so-ever. You can clean and polish vehicles in the showroom. You can even sell product to the dealership to be used by staff to touch up those vehicles. They may want to offer the product to their customers or up-sell a ‘Car Care Kit’ with a vehicle purchase.

UltraLuster Wash and Polish contains 4 acrylic resin polymers, each having specific properties and purpose to encapsulate dirt particles and leave behind a clear micro-thin glaze. This glaze is abrasion resistant, long-lasting and even protects against UV rays. Water beads up for months. On glass the results are equally impressive. It works perfectly on window tint and quickly cuts through that inside windshield haze that is so difficult to clean.




UltraLuster Tire&Trim treatment that cuts brake dust, whitens whitewalls, dries, leaving an invisible film that continues to protect. This product ‘blacks out’ exterior trim, cleans door jams, dashboards and is the perfect under-hood detailer. Spray on, let sit for a minute and wipe off for amazing results.

High tech lies under the hood of modern vehicles. You want your engine bay clean but high pressure water can wreak havoc on relays, electrical connections and computer chips. Use Tire&Trim to safely clean and protect the engine and components.

UltraLuster Metal Polish is the ‘Best in the Business’ for aluminum, stainless steel, chrome and is also an excellent oxidation remover for paint and gelcoat. Headlight restoration is fast and easy with this product. It can be applied by hand or machine.

UltraLuster Leather Conditioner deep cleans and restores without clogging the pores in leather that leads to stiffening and cracking. The product works equally well on plastic and vinyl surfaces and leaves the smell of new leather.

UltraLuster Fabric and Upholstery Cleaner deep cleans either as a spot cleaner, a spray and wipe, or can be added to a steam vac. at 1 oz. per gallon. We use this as a multi-surface cleaner. It has a light citrus smell.

UltraLuster Bug Buster Pads offer a quick, easy way to remove stubborn bug and bird residue. Spray the area with Wash, let sit for a minute and wipe away the residue without scrubbing or scratching. Works on paint, glass and even motorcycle wind screens.

We also have a special Claybar that, when used with the Wash as a lubricant restores paint and glass to showroom new silky smooth.

A detailer can do more cars, faster with more up-sells using our products.


Q: Do you have anything for polishing headlights?



(the UltraLuster way)

       For better or worse, most vehicles built in the past 20 or so years have come with headlight covers made of several different materials that are commonly called plastic. On the plus side they give the auto designer the ability to mold the headlight into the design rather than designing around the headlights. They may also be more aerodynamic, safer in a collision and, when in good condition, are brighter than the sealed beam headlights they replaced.

       Unfortunately, plastic is not as durable as glass. The constant assault of road debris, bugs and exposure to UV rays from the sun slowly deteriorates the cover, reducing the clarity and brightness as well as visual appeal.

       A note here about the process of headlight cover molding. Prior to the injection of plastic, the mold is sprayed with a special UV inhibiting coating. When the plastic is injected, this becomes the outer “shell” of the cover. It is fairly durable but, after a few years, diminishes and the oxidation process begins. Using UltraLuster Wash and Polish greatly extends the life of this coating by literally “coating the coating” with acrylic.

       The damaged headlight covers can be repaired in most cases. The headlight cover is part of the headlight unit which is sealed. If that seal is damaged, the interior of the unit may fog up with moisture and no amount of exterior polishing will help. You can determine very quickly if this is the case by polishing a small area and examining the cover. If there is fogging on the interior, the unit will need to be replaced. The cost of a new unit varies but, if you are want to save some money, try calling a local salvage yard to see if they have a replacement.

 Just make sure you inspect the used part carefully since collisions are the primary cause of damaged units.

       The second step in restoration, after assessing the unit’s overall condition, is to determine the best process to restore it to as-new condition. Headlight covers may have light to heavy oxidation as well as scratches and gouges. The tools you need to do the job and the proper steps you will need to take in order to restore the cover depends on the severity of the damage. Light oxidation will probably be removed with Metal Polish alone. If the cover is crusty, deeply scratched or very rough, you will need to do more.



(Worst Case Scenario)


Wet-or-dry sandpaper in: 400, 1000 and 1500 grit

Spray bottle of water

ULTRALUSTER Bug Buster pad

2” Blue painter’s tape

Terrycloth and microfiber towel

       Start by cleaning and then taping off all areas around the headlight cover to ensure you don’t damage paint and trim areas when working. You may want several layers to ensure protection.

       Apply a small amount of UltraLuster Metal Polish using the Bug Buster Pad, using moderate pressure, wipe and inspect. You may notice the surface being polished becoming warm to the touch. This is due to a chemical reaction and is unique when using UltraLuster Metal Polish and is normal.

       At this point you should be able to decide if polishing alone is going to work or not.



       So let’s say your covers are in very bad shape. You have got to cut through the oxidation, no matter how thick in order to properly restore them. Make sure you have all the area around the cover protected with the painter’s tape. Start with 400 grit wet-or-dry sand paper and wet-sand, using your spray bottle to keep the surface wet until you get through the oxidation. Wipe the surface completely. Follow up with 1000 grit. Again, wipe the surface completely, and finally go with the 1500 grit. Make sure you keep the sandpaper and surface wet so that the sandpaper doesn’t “load up”. Completely wipe the cover clean between sanding grit changes.

       The headlight surface should have a uniform, milky look. Apply Metal Polish, with a clean terry cloth using moderate pressure. When you think you’ve got it, wipe the surface and examine. Continue polishing until the cover is completely polished.

       Finally, remove the painter’s tape and use the Wash and Polish to add the acrylic protective layer. This final step is important because, without the protection, the headlight would fairly quickly begin to once again deteriorate. You will need to re-apply Wash and Polish every few months for continuous protection.

       For even longer lasting protection you can apply a clearcoat using spray that is specifically designed for plastic. You will need to follow the manufacturer’s directions and be careful to mask off the area around the lens to protect from overspray. If you aren’t experienced with spray painting, practice before applying to the headlight. 




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