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Thousands of Professional Detailers Can't Be Wrong!

We are Number One Because of Our Acrylic Resin Technology!


How to do a Perfect Waterless Detail...


Use our Tire and Trim product to clean, shine
and apply a UV protective coating to all
black plastic, rubber and vinyl on your vehicle.
This is also awesome for the interior of your
vehicle.  Don’t worry about being neat,
UltraLuster will remove any over-spray or
TIP: This product is AWESOME at removing
brake dust and cleaning rims.




A: Apply UltraLuster to a Clean terry cloth towel.  
    You never want to rub your paint with a DRY towel or rub a drey area, use UltraLuster
    liberally... if it’s not wet... don’t rub it.

B: Now... Spray UltraLuster over a 2ft x2ft area and wipe to a haze. Do the glass, chrome,
    paint, and powder coated surfaces.  HAZE THE ENTIRE VEHICLE BEFORE BUFFING.
    If you experience any streaks... do not panic... it is UltraLuster removing any wax or
    other inferior coatings on your painted surface. UltraLuster must adhere to the clear
    coat for best performance.  If you see streaks, simply apply another coat of UltraLuster.
    TIP: Since you never want to touch your vehicle with a DRY towel... put your saturated
    terry cloth in a zip lock bag until the next time you need it.
    TIP: You can also use your saturated towel for the door jams, this will save product
    and you will not have to spray UltraLuster in the vehicle, the same applies for the
    inside of the windows.
    TIP: You will use 50% less product if the surface is cool and in the shade.

C: Finally... Take your time and enjoy the awesome feel and look of your freshly applied
     Acrylic Resin Coating by taking TWO micro-fiber buffing towels, one in each hand
        and buffing away the haze.  Take your fingernails and drag them across the finish to
          truly appreciate the “slickness” of Acrylic Resins.


Waterless Wash, Polish and Protective Coating

No Carnuaba • No Silicone • No Scratches Just the Hardest Acrylic Coating in the Industry!
Providing Award Winning Waterless Technology for the Finest Cars in the World Since 1997

Cars • Motorcycles • Boats • RVs • Aircraft

Why waste time, washing, drying and waxing your vehicle when you can do it all in ONE pass
with UltraLuster. Simply Spray, Wipe, and Buff and you just cleaned, polished and applied an
Acrylic Polymer that will protect your finish from the elements and harmful UV from the Sun.
Our space-age lubricants and polymers protect your finish from scratching and leaves a bond
of protection that beads water for months.


High Shine Tire and Trim Dressing

Another dual product from UltraLuster.  Cleans as you shine your tires, plastic and vinyl.  Tire n Trim has a solvent added to it's formulation to aid in the cleaning of white walls and removal of brake dust.  Dries NEW, for the WET look simply mist another coat and will  last for days.  Unmatched UV Protection.


Metal Polish and Oxidation Remover

Awesome for aluminum, stainless, brass and any other raw metallic surface. 

Also removes OXIDATION and minor scratches on painted surfaces.


Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Yet another dual product from UltraLuster.  Cleans as you condition all leather surfaces.  Smells like a New Car and the scent lasts for days.  Awesome UV Protection


Fabric and Upholstery Cleaner and Protectant

The Fabric & Upholstery product is an awesome compliment to our complete line of vehicle care products. It not only does a spectacular job on fabric and upholstery but it is awesome as a spot remover on
clothing and carpet.  Once you use it you will be convinced  that this is  the best on the market.


ClaBar Clear Coat Perfector

Absolutely perfect your clear coat by removing all
of those invisible bumps and debris that are attached
to the surface for a "better than new" feel.


Bug Pads

Our Bug Pads will amaze you.  Simply lubricate the surface with UltraLuster's Wash n Polish and wipe the bugs and nasties away, effortlessly.  Works awesome with metal polish for stubborn oxidation.
Clear Coat safe.


High Performance 4x4 Polishing Pads

This 4x4 cotton pads are exceptional for polishing small details and
removing fine scratches with our Metal Polish or Tire n Trim.

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